Juana del Pozo Sainz, one of the most representative specialists in art makes
works of refined quality and authentic beauty that are clear examples of a difficult
compositional balance, claiming a centennial art, which has had its ups and downs
but that have been practiced in both East and West. (JMSolano)

Born in Gijón and settled in Zaragoza (Spain), works with dedication the technique
Enamel on metal in its various forms from the over 40 years of experiencie.

In 1969 she graduated artistic drawing in Study Cañada, after illustrated in
materials such as oil paint, watercolor, pottery, embossing and chiseling,
finally focused on Art Enamel on copper, specializing in
which he graduated in 1980 at the Art School of Zaragoza, where he got
Accesit in 1st Contest Closing.

For several years she taught enamel while specializing in jewelry
and since then it has been formed in various techniques like Champlevé and
Cloisonné and in areas such as gemology, Microdiffusion, etc..

Juana has attended all the International Biennials Limoges Enamels(France) between 1980 and 1998

So far his name has appeared in various national publications, as in separate interviews on Radio-Sevilla and Television-Spanish, and some of his works have been exhibited in five museums in several Spanish cities.

Today her personal collection is made up of a large number of works of different styles, some of which are shown in this same presentation.





  • Lonja de Zaragoza, 1978. Colectiva.
  • Palacio de Congresos de Jaca (Huesca). 1978.
  • Caja de ahorros de Madrid. Madrid. 1979.
  • Real Circulo de Labradores de Sevilla. 1980.
  • Escuela de Arte de Zaragoza. 1980. Colectiva.
  • Banco de Bilbao. Marbella. 1981.
  • Museo Diocesano de Málaga. 1981. Colectiva.
  • Galería Talía. Marbella. 1982.
  • Galería Tramontano. Barcelona. 1983.
  • Casa Regional de Aragón en Barcelona. 1984. Colectiva.
  • Varias Bienales Nacionales e Internacionales del Esmalte en sala Torre Vella. Salou (Tarragona).
  • Sala de la Diputación provincial de Huesca. “Diseño de joyas con esmalte”. 1984.
  • Sala de la Facultad de Filosofía y letras de Zaragoza. 1985. Colectiva.
  • Escuela de Arte de Zaragoza. Joyas con esmalte. 1985. Colectiva.
  • Sala Foga 2 de Barcelona. Esmalte-Joya. 1986.
  • VI Bienal Internacional en “Sala Galileo”. Madrid. 1987. Colectiva.
  • VII Bienal Internacional en el “Museo de la Ciudad”. Madrid. 1988. Colectiva.
  • III exposición Internacional. Sala “Torre Vella”. Salou (Tarragona).1990. Colectiva.
  • Sala Tardó. Barcelona. “Esmalte Joya”. 1992.
  • Goya Art Gallery. New York. 1994.
  • Caja Rioja. Zaragoza. Noviembre 2005.
  • Downtown Chiado 14 . Lisboa .Febrero 2014 .


Colección de Esmaltes Artísticos | Enamels Art Collection.
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